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Great White
Musiker - Rock

Like the fearsome, deadly denizen of the deep that shares its name, Great White knows something about survival of the fittest. The Southern California blues-rock band first took a bite out of the rock scene in 1984 and has never let go. Great White has achieved worldwide success, encompassing sales of over six million records. They received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance for the song -Once Bitten, Twice Shy-, and earned a double platinum certification for the album …Twice Shy. With the release of Can´t Get There From Here, the group´s first release from John Kalodner´s label Portrait, Great White is poised to conquer once again.

The soulful, blues-based signature sound that turned songs like -Face The Day-, -Rock Me-, and -Save Your Love- into international hits drives the dozen new tracks on Can´t Get There From Here. According to vocalist Jack Russell, the hooks are more monstrous than ever. -It´s Great White, just bigger and better.- That is due, in part, to producer Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees), who produced the album at his Northern California studio, The Barn. The album was recorded in a mere 24 days in the spring of 1998. Jack Russell recorded additional rhythm tracks at his own 710 studios.

Collaborating with bandmates Michael Lardie and Mark Kendall, producer Blades, and longtime friend Don Dokken, Russell explored his own colorful past to pen the lyrics to the rollicking -Rollin´ Stoned- and -Gone to the Dogs-, an adrenalized ode to overindulgence. He draws on experience to explore relationships both good (-Saint Lorraine-, -Sister Mary-, -Ain´t No Shame-) and bad (-Loveless Age-). Yet Can´t Get There From Here is not without its moments of broader social commentary, skewering religious hypocrisy in -Wooden Jesus- and poignantly giving voice to the plight of the homeless on -Hey Mister-.

But whatever his subject, Russell keeps it real. -I´m not trying to be some innovative lyricist writing about things that nobody´s ever heard about before,- he says. -Sometimes I think that people try to be too hip lyrically, where they go beyond what other people can understand. I think it´s important that we keep telling ourselves the same stories in our own way. The songs that have always been memorable to me were the ones that were simple and basic, that remind me of a situation in my life.-
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Great White

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